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Journey Home Wellness

Therapy that Invites You Home

Michelle Brown, LCSW

Journey Home Approach

What does coming home to yourself mean to you? Are you centering what's most important in your life? These questions are at the root of what we explore at Journey Home Wellness. Using somatic experiencing I help women tap into the wisdom of their body to locate and listen to the experiences and emotions that are held within. I see the body as a vehicle for healing and consider my work rootwork because real transformation takes place at the root level. At Journey Home Wellness we discover how to cultivate the conditions for safety together. You are the expert of your experiences, and I view the relationship between therapist and client as one of partnership. Together, we use a framework I call Awareness, Transformation and Maintenance.

About me

Happy You are Here. My name is Michelle Brown, LCSW and I help deepen your awareness of thoughts, emotions and patterns of behavior that block you from your Highest Self. Through my own healing and spiritual journey I found the capacity to explore the depths of my story, hold space for what was unearthed and make space for a new story. I can only take people as far as I’ve gone and I’ve made the commitment to lifelong growth and healing.

So much of our lives exist in our head that we separate from our body. My practices invite you back to your body so that you may feel grounded within yourself and deepen your ability to trust. This is a space where your truth is believed and used as a companion to healing. I ask the questions but I don’t have the answers, you do. 


Are you ready to commit to healing?


Let's Begin Your Journey Home

Asking for help isn't easy. Journey Home Wellness is committed to helping you on your journey. Whether you are preparing for new life, wanting to deepen your self awareness, or improving your relationships, JHW is here as a supportive, non-biased presence to remind you you are not alone. Please reach out to schedule your free consultation.


Intergenerational Trauma - Exploring Maternal Lineage


Healing Relationships


Life and Self Transitions


Creative Self Expression


Somatic Experiencing 

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