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Journey Home

Michelle Brown, LCSW

Counseling for the individual who wants a deeper understanding of self to live a more authentic, whole life. 


Counseling for the couple that wants to improve communication, deepen connection, and navigate life transitions.

Birth & Postpartum Coaching

Coaching to help prepare the birthing person and couple for labor and the postpartum stage. 

Clinical Supervision

Supervision for the pre-licensed clinician and the newly graduated.

Therapy Sessions
Journey Home Approach

What does coming home to yourself mean to you? Are you centering what's most important in your life? These questions are at the root of what we explore at Journey Home Wellness. By way of mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy and solution-focused approaches I help individuals and couples improve their quality of life through awareness of thoughts, emotions, and patterns of behavior. Journey Home Wellness is a nonjudgmental practice in which we discover how to cultivate the conditions for safety, together. You are the expert of your experiences, and I view the relationship between therapist and client as one of partnership. Together, we use a framework I call Awareness, Transformation and Maintenance. My work is rooted in a social justice lens, with knowledge of how overlapping identities shape individual's experiences. I am committed to working with diverse individuals and couples inclusive to all abilities, racial and sexual identities.

About me

Hello, and welcome to my practice, Journey Home Wellness. I’m Michelle Brown, LCSW. My work is rooted in deepening our individual  capacities for stillness and listening, so that our internal wisdom and compassion may guide us, leading to personal and intergenerational healing. My values are emotional and mental wellness, authenticity, and community so that we may live full lives. My focus is on the mind-body connection in order to connect back to self and tap into your intuition and values. I specialize in healing from trauma, maternal mental health, stress and anxiety, self-esteem, relationships, and life transitions. Thank you for trusting me on your journey.

Let's Begin Your Journey Home

Asking for help isn't easy. Journey Home Wellness is committed to helping you on your journey. Whether you are preparing for new life, wanting to deepen your self awareness, or improving your relationships, JHW is here as a supportive, non-biased presence to remind you you are not alone. Please reach out to schedule your free consultation.


Perinatal Mental Health


Wholistic Trauma Healing


Self Esteem and Identity


Relationship Concerns


Stress and Anxiety

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