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Clinical Supervison and Consultation

While our field requires that we use the term supervisor to attain licensure, I think of “supervisees” as learning partners. I am here to support you in alchemizing your skills and knowledge with your intuition, navigating what comes up for you as you forge client relationships and discovering your particular niches. Together, we strive to externalize imposter syndrome and determine where it is coming from.


I am personally guided to many of my specialties through my lived experience, and I work well with people who are committed to grounding in bodily wisdom. I am seeking learning partners with an appreciation for embodied practices and a strong analysis of the way power moves systemically. Besides working you to build your confidence as a clinician, I can support you in navigating the licensure process.


I also offer case consultation. We are all learning for the entirety of our experience as therapists, and we can learn more effectively by conferring with each other. If you would like a thought partner as you support a client through a particular experience for the first time, or in a new context, please get in touch. I would love to learn with you.

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