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Individual Psychotherapy

I am here to support you in developing a mind-body connection that will allow you to access your intuition. So often, our experience moving through a world that treats us disposably has us floating outside of our bodies, and moving mechanically through our days. But we are more expansive than the systems around us, and we deserve more authentic connections with our selves and with each other. I specialize in the following areas of healing:​

Healing from Trauma and PTSD:  

Your collection of life experiences have positioned your particular vantage point of the world. In my approach, I do not aim to learn every detail of what happened to you. You are welcome to share as much or as little of your story as you like. What we will focus on is getting back in touch with the parts of yourself that are hard to access in the aftermath of trauma. After a traumatic experience, we often dissociate from ourselves, our bodies and our deepest needs. This may be conscious or unconscious, and the journey to reconnecting with ourselves looks different for everyone.

 I bring ten years of trauma training and an array wholistic wellness practices to support you. I can also support you in understanding how trauma works in the brain, so that we can move out of a place of self-blame, guilt or frustration.

 Your intuitive reactions to your experiences come from a reasonable desire to protect yourself. Together, we can discover what feedback loops you may be locked into and eager to leave, and what tools are already available inside of you to grow into your future self. 

Perinatal Mental Health:

Often, our culture does not acknowledge that the birthing experience is also an experience of identity shift for the mother or birthing parent. Your body changes. The chemicals in your body change. Your mind and heart shift accordingly, too. There is nothing wrong with experiencing complicated feelings after birth. You may feel joy. You may also feel anxiety, fear, guilt, or overwhelm. All of you is welcome here. 

I support soon-to-be or new parents ground in the parts of you that will stay the same, providing continuity on either side of labor. We also explore where anxiety about change can shift into curiosity about the possibilities opening to you.

Anxiety and Emotional Awareness:

We cope with anxiety in different ways. Sometimes, we avoid responsibility to escape the external world and live in our own, safer-feeling internal world. Other times we might feel an impulse to be on the move constantly, taking on so many commitments that we can move through our lives on auto-pilot, without sitting with our fears of uncertainty. 

At JHW, we look at coping methods serve you and which are impeding you from being fully present for the feelings, information and decisions available to you. Uncertainty is inevitable, but anxiety disrupting the possibilities ahead of you is not.

Life Transitions: Whatever chapters you are closing and opening, I am here to support you in moving through the feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty. Whether you are moving, changing jobs or careers, graduating, or ending or beginning a relationship, your intuition is the connection between you before the experience and you after the experience. I will help you ground in what has traveled with you on either side of change, so that you can manage anxiety and experience the reassurance of your inner guide.

Relationship Issues:

Whether with family, friends, romantic partners or fellow community members, conflict is inevitable in our relationships. Our culture trains us to view conflict as a problem, but it can actually be a portal to deeper connection and greater understanding.


Together, we can look at relationship patterns in your life, develop compassionate communication skills and learn how to ground ourselves, even when big emotions are showing up. I will also support you in identifying where you might set boundaries that better serve your needs.

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