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About Me

  • Perinatal Mental Health and Related Disorders

  • Healing from Trauma

  • Relationship Concerns

  • Life Transitions

  • Self-Esteem/Identity

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Grief and Loss

Education + Certifications
  • B.S. Psychology Illinois State University

  • Master of Social Work University of Chicago

  • Licensed Doula

Hello, I’m Michelle Brown, LCSW. My work is rooted in deepening our individual  capacities for stillness and listening, so that our internal wisdom and compassion may guide us. My focus is on the mind-body connection in order to connect back to self and tap into your intuition and values.

I believe our bodies are brilliant teachers, and I came to much of my work through my personal experiences of moving through trauma. Regardless of what you’re navigating, how you got here and the particular ways you respond to the circumstances you are in, I am here to affirm that joy, abundance and connection are your birthright. I know that we can learn to love ourselves and others best by honoring our experiences, how they shape us and what our intuition says about navigating the boundless space of possibility between you and me. I love working with people who are invested in getting to know their truest selves, and loving infinitely, together.

Journey Home Wellness is a nonjudgmental practice in which we discover how to cultivate the conditions for safety, together. You are the expert of your experiences, and I view the relationship between therapist and client as one of partnership. I also trust that the coping mechanisms you are using have served you in the past. I am not here to critique your strategies for moving through life. I am here to lend you my compassion, my certainty of your intrinsic wisdom, my bravery, and my commitment to your growth, even when those gifts are hard to access.

Often, our experiences are subconsciously shaped by our thoughts in ways we may not even notice. Together, we use a framework I call Awareness, Transformation and Maintanence. First, we develop an awareness of what is causing friction or tension in your life, as well as the particular stories you may be telling yourself about your feelings and about what you deserve. Then, we use this information to transform your relationship with this source of difficulty so that you can move out of feedback loops, or patterns of frustration or heartbreak. From this place we can determine what strategies of self-care and boundaries-setting can support you in maintaining this balance.

If you are feeling curious about who you are, what has brought you here, and what moves might shape the dreamiest possible tomorrow for you and your community, please join me in evoking the memories that will chart the journey forward. “We are,” as many before us have divined, “the ones we have been waiting for.”

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